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Simultaneous translation of medical events

Last September, São Paulo Interpreters was responsible for the simultaneous translation of several events  of Medicine and Dentistry.
With good experience in the usage of scientific terms, the interpreters translated specialists from diversified segments.Check below for the events translated by São Paulo Interpreters.

São Paulo Breast Symposium

In its fifth edition, the São Paulo Breast Symposium is the main event of Breast Plastic Surgery in Brazil. São Paulo Interpreters has been responsible for the simultaneous translation of this event ever since its first edition.
Held at the WTC Hotel on the 22nd and 23rd, in São Paulo, the São Paulo Interpreters team, formed by Anna Maria Franco and Maria Clara Forbes Kneese, simultaneously translated eight foreign speakers to an audience of over 250 plastic surgeons and residents.

4th Brazilian Congress, All Together Against Cancer

Held from September 26 to 28 at WTC Events, in São Paulo, the simultaneous translation was done by Anna Maria Franco, Áurea Dal Bó and Maria Alice de Mendonça Lima.
Professionals from São Paulo Interpreters translated presentations from English into Portuguese given by leading experts. Among them, Dr. Drauzio Varela, oncologist and TV presenter in well known Brazilian TV shows.

I Seminar on Dentistry of ICESP

Anna Maria Franco, Maria Clara Forbes Kneese and Denise Penteado Lima were the professionals of São Paulo Interpreters responsible for the simultaneous translation of the first edition of this event.

Held at the Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo, in the city of São Paulo, the Seminar was attended by international experts such as Profs. Cesar Augusto Migliorati of the University of Florida (USA) and James Carroll, founder and CEO of Thor Photomedicine, Buckinghamshire (England).