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  • The speaker talks
  • The interpreter translates
  • simultaneously to the audience

São Paulo Intérpretes Simultaneous Translation:
Speed, accuracy and precision

In simultaneous translation communication takes place seamlessly and in real time.

Our interpreters listen to the speaker and immediately translate what is being said to the audience. With technical quality and objectiveness, the audience can instantly understand the content communicated through wireless receivers clearly and precisely.

In simultaneous interpretation, the participants wear headphones, and the interpreter renders the speaker’s words into the target language as he or she is speaking. Owing to the tremendous level of concentration required to perform this type of interpretation, simultaneous interpreters always work in teams of two. Usually, the interpreters work in a sound-proof booth that enables everyone involved to focus on their work without the distraction of hearing another language.

Because this mode of interpreting saves time, it is preferred for conferences and meetings in which a great deal of information has to be conveyed.

In major events where different languages are spoken, several simultaneous translation booths can be set up in the same room.

Simultaneous Translation of Conferences:
Higher quality and more languages.

São Paulo Intérpretes professionals actively participate in congresses, international meetings, seminars and forums both in Brazil and abroad.

The interpreters work inside a  sound-proof booth which assures the technical quality with important advantages:

> better sound clarity for the interpreters and clearer sound transmitted to the headphones of the audience.

> modern equipment that includes sound mixing boards, microphones, receivers and transmitters enabling translations for a large audience with perfect quality.

Simultaneous Translation with portable equipment:
Speed and versatility for your company

São Paulo Intérpretes has state-of-the-art portable equipment for simultaneous translations, this being the best technology for small meetings and presentations with up to 20 participants.

The use of this portable equipment is ideal for translations in manufacturing plants, visits to farms, industrial facilities and in closed environments. In this case the interpreter accompanies the group and translates using a portable transmitter with a microphone while the participants listen to the translation through receivers.