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Simultaneous translation at Tecnimed

Denise Penteado Lima and Flávia Egner from São Paulo Intérpretes were the professionals responsible for the simultaneous translation of the sales training at Tecnimed, a company specialized in the distribution of equipment for orthopedics and traumatology.

The training took place at the company’s headquarters in São Caetano do Sul, a city that is part of Great São Paulo.

Implants for knee, hip, upper limbs and lower limbs were some of the products presented by Tecnimed during the event. All training was translated by São Paulo Intérpretes.


Simultaneous Translation in Orthodontic Meeting

São Paulo Intérpretes was responsible for the simultaneous translation of conferences and live demos at the I Meeting of Myofunctional Orthodontics – CIOM.

Anna Franco and Flávia Egner worked for three days at Golden Tulip Park Plaza where the event was held.

Specialized professionals from several countries presented research and evidences of trials carried out in the whole world.

Dr. Rohan Wijey gave a 3-day course in this event that was sponsored by Orthomundi, a company specialized in this area, as well as Associação Brasileira de Odontologia and SPO.


Simultaneous translation of a conference on health plans

Dr. Consulta, an innovative medical and dental care company, hired Flávia Egner from São Paulo Intérpretes to carry out the simultaneous translation of a conference on health insurance.

Held at Insper, a reference center in education and knowledge located in the city of São Paulo, the lecture focused on the new ways of offering quality medical care to the population.

Planned and organized by Dupla Eventos Especiais, at the occasion were present doctors, dentists and also entrepreneurs of these sectors to know the innovative proposal in health plans developed by Dr. Consulta.


Simultaneous Translation for Workshop

São Paulo Intérpretes was responsible for the simultaneous translation of the “6th International Workshop on Advances in Cleaner Production” , an international forum that was held on May 24th to 26th, 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil.

The “6th International Workshop: Advances in Cleaner Production” aimed to promote:

a. The exchange of academic information

b. The presentation of recent researches, studies and achievements

c. The discussion of common problems and possible solutions

d. To bridge the gap between academic knowledge and corporative experiences

e. To deepen the discussion of the event’s title “Ten Years Working Together towards a Sustainable World”

Researchers interested in Cleaner Production and Sustainable Development were invited to submit papers. Authors devoted to similar themes were also very welcome.

The interpreters were Vivian Haynes, Denise Penteado Lima and Maria Alice Mendonça Lima.


Simultaneous Translation for Orthodontic Congress

São Paulo Intérpretes was the company contracted to do the simultaneous translation of the 20th Brazilian Congress of Orthodontics.

Held at the Expo Center Norte in the city of São Paulo, Anna Maria Franco, Flavia Egner, Vivian Haynes and Melanie Klemm interpreted the entire Congress simultaneously.

For three days, they translated Brazilian and foreign specialists in Orthodontics.

Among them: Eric Liou (Taiwan), Benedict Wilmes (Germany), Anoop Sondhi (USA), Greg J. Huang (USA), Flavio Uribe (USA), Paolo Manzo (Italy) and Nigel Harradine (UK).

The event was organized by VM Comunicações and the opening ceremony was marked by the presentation of the musical group “Três Tenores Brasileiros” and by the honors given to Mario Vedovello Filho, president of honor and Celestino Nóbrega, patron of the Congress.


Simultaneous Translation for Breast Cancer Symposium

Contracted for the simultaneous translation of the III São Paulo Breast Symposium, São Paulo Intérpretes highlighted a team formed by the medical translators Anna Maria Franco, Flávia Egner and Vivian Haynes.

The Symposium was formatted with the objective of promoting the greatest possible interaction between lecturers and the audience, formed by essentially plastic surgeons with experience in the breast area.

Headquartered at the WTC – World Trade Center, in São Paulo – Capital, the event had more than 60 lectures divided into 20 sessions, which allowed for more interaction between the speakers and, above all, the audience.


Simultaneous translation at Biennial Construction Conference

São Paulo Intérpretes appointed Anna Maria Franco and Flávia Egner to carry out the simultaneous translation of SCL  – International Biennial Conference of the Society of Construction Law International.

Held at the Unique Hotel, in São Paulo – Capital, the Conference had Urbanism and Landscaping as main themes.

The event that is considered the most important in the Construction and Infrastructure sector was organized by Eventus and brought together leading Brazilian and international professionals. Among them, Professor Doug Jones, specialist in International Commercial Arbitration and Professor Oscar Vilhena, director of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation Law School.


Consecutive Translation for Executives

Interpreter Maria Clara Forbes Kneese along with Olga Bratt, translated  into French and Portuguese the meetings and field visits of executives of JadLog, the second largest logistics network in Brazil.

The meetings took place at the headquarters of JadLog, a company that has been active in the national and international transport market for over a decade.

Consecutive translation is widely used at press conferences and in situations requiring confidentiality, such as executive meetings, as was the case of JadLog or visits by heads of state, for example.

At the time, Olga Bratt acted as guest interpreter.


Event of Regenerative Dentistry is translated by São Paulo Interpreters

Anna Maria Franco and Flávia Egner, from São Paulo Interpreters, were responsible for translating the presentations of The National Osteology Symposium Brazil, organized by Geistlich Pharma, a Swiss company that is the world leader in bone and tissue regeneration.

Held at the Rebouças Convention Center, the event had an extensive scientific program and national and international speakers.

Among them was the well known Swiss speaker Christoph Hämmerle of the University of Bern, the Italian specialist in Periodontology and Orthodontics, Giulio Rasperini and the Hungarian Istvan Urban of the University of Budapest.

The event attracted hundreds of professionals who, in addition to attending the lectures, were also able to participate actively in the discussions and trainings, as well as the trade fair.