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Specialized Simultaneous Translation in Dentistry

The professionals of São Paulo Intérpretes Anna Maria Franco and Flávia Egner were hired to do the Simultaneous Translation of the presentations of Prof. Dr. Ali Tahmaseb fom the University of Ghent, Belgium.

The lectures were promoted by Ateliê Oral, a high standard dental practice located in São Paulo that has a different concept of Dentistry: a Dental Spa.

The lecture was given in English and translated by Ana Maria and Flávia into Portuguese.

During his presentations, Prof. Dr. Tahmaseb, who is a member of ITI – International Team for Implantology, addressed topics such as guided surgery and bone regeneration.


Simultaneous translation of the 15th Latin American Infrastructure Forum

Interpreters Flavia Egner, Vania Williams and Vivian Haynes were chosen by São Paulo Interpreters to do the simultaneous translation of the 15th Latin American Infrastructure Forum.

Under the theme Strategic Leadership in Infrastructure, the event was opened by Jõao Doria, current mayor of São Paulo. On that occasion, Doria reiterated his commitment to investing in infrastructure in the city, focusing on privatizations and public-private partnerships totaling R $ 7 billion. Then there was a panel that discussed the creation of a new model for the development of the country’s infrastructure.

Held from September 12 to 14 at the Renaissance Hotel in the city of São Paulo, this panel was attended by important names in the infrastructure sector.

Among them, Eric White, leader of the Internet for All Project and Karla Bertocco, undersecretary of Partnerships and Innovation at the São Paulo State Government Office. Also present were Wilson Poit, Secretary of Privatization and Partnerships of SP City Hall, Bruno Freitas, Marcos Aguiar and Norman Anderson, president and CEO of the event, among others.

Other panels presented during the Forum covered several topics such as financing new projects in the areas of technology, sustainability, urban mobility, logistics, energy, gas and oil, highways, sanitation and the urgent and necessary reform of Brazilian ports.


Simultaneous translation of sales training on natural medicines

São Paulo Intérpretes did the simultaneous translation of the Sales Training of Heel do Brasil. Heel Pharma is a German company specialized in developing and manufacturing medicines made from natural ingredients.

The professional interpreters Anna Maria Franco and Denise Penteado Lima of São Paulo Intérpretes were responsible for the simultaneous interpreting of the sales training held at Hotel Terras Altas on August 29, 2017.

The teams learned more about Vertigoheel, specific to treat vertigo, and Traumeel, an anti-inflammatory medicine recommended for muscular injuries.

In Brazil, the products manufactured by Heel are distributed by Laboratório Botânico Herbarium, a company with head office in the state of Paraná which is a reference in natural medicines.


Simultaneous translation of Medical Congress in São Paulo

Anna Maria Franco from São Paulo Intérpretes was the professional responsible for the simultaneous translation of several foreign speakers at the  23rd ERA 2017 – Meeting of Advanced Rheumatology.

As an annual event of this medical specialty, ERA is the most important scientific activity of São Paulo Rheumatology Society.

Held between May 18, 19 and 20, 2017 at the Tivoli Mofarrej Hotel, in the city of São Paulo, Anna Maria translated the lectures by leading international experts.

Among them were Pier Luigi Meronim of the Universitá Degli Studi di Milano (Italy) and the North Americans Richard Furie, medical director of the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and Rohit Aggarwal, Medical Director of the University of Pittsburgh.


Simultaneous Translation of Medical Congress

São Paulo Intérpretes was responsible for the simultaneous English / Portuguese translation of XII COPEM – Congress of Endocrinology and Metabology.

All the lectures were in charge of Flávia Egner, professional of São Paulo Intérpretes.

The Congress was held from May 25 to 27, 2017 at Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo, and was attended by international experts such as professors Peter Kopp, Northwestern University of Chicago, Franco Folli, Universita degli Studi Di Milano (Italy) and Gilberto Paz Filho, from Australian National University (Australia).

The event was promoted by the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabology – Regional São Paulo. In addition to courses, lectures and presentations, XII Copem also had a trade show that brought together several companies from the pharmaceutical industry.


Simultaneous translation during launching of dental products

Geistlich Pharma do Brasil has counted on São Paulo Intérpretes to do the simultaneous translation in the lauching of its most recent products.

Flávia Egner, an interpreter specialized in Dentistry, accompanied all talks in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and São Paulo.

The events were held throughout May 2017 through a series of lectures given to dentists specialized in Periodontics and Implants.

Geistlich is a leading Swiss company in Biomaterials, natural or laboratory-synthesized materials that can be implanted to replace or repair missing tissues in the human body.


Simultaneous Translation of Surgery Course

In April 7 and 8, 2017, São Paulo Intérpretes was in Campinas translating the 15th Course of Knee Surgery.

Anna Maria Franco and Flávia Egner were the professionals assigned to translate the entire Course that this year was given under the theme “Evaluating the Gold Standard in Knee Surgery”

Held at the Royal Palm Plaza Campinas, the event was attended by national and international experts. Among them, Akos Zahar and Rainer Siebold of Germany, Bryson Lesniak of Pittsburgh (USA); Julio Cesar Palacio of Colombia and Mauricio Kfuri Jr. from Brazil, representative of the University of Missouri (USA).


Simultaneous translation of trade fair

On May 2,3 and 4, 2017, São Paulo Intérpretes was present at Centro de Convenções Imigrantes, in the city of São Paulo, where the interpreters translated the round of business promoted by ABIMAQ – Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment for the Industry during EXPOMAFE – International Trade Fair for Machinery and Tools of Industrial Automation.

Anna Maria Franco and Vania Williams were the outstanding interpreters to do the simultaneous translation in English-Portuguese of all presentations of the event for entrepreneurs and investors. They worked in collaboration with Russian and Arabian interpreters.

With an estimated audience of more than 45 thousand visitors, the fair presented the latest generation of machines, tools and industrial automation of 630 national and international brands for entrepreneurs interested in preparing their industrial parks for the new cycle of economic growth. The event was supported by Apex Brasil.


Simultaneous Translation of Surgery Course

The 9th Interinstitutional Course of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery had simultaneous specialized translation by São Paulo Interpreters.

Interpreters Flávia Egner, Anna Maria Franco and Maria Clara Forbes Kneese were the outstanding professionals to translate all presentations during two intense days of lectures on Minimally Invasive Surgery.

The event was held on 30 and 31 March 2017 in the auditorium of the Sheraton Hotel, in the World Trade Center of the city of São Paulo, and was attended by renowned Brazilian and foreign specialists in shoulder and elbow surgeries.